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Building Homes, Building Community

Everyone should have a home they can afford.

The Housing Development Alliance, or HDA, is a nonprofit – 501 (c)(3) – affordable housing developer working in communities across four counties in rural southeastern Kentucky. We believe that a good, high quality, and affordable home can empower a family and make a profound difference in the course of their lives.

Where you live – the house you live in – determines so much about who you are and what you can be. Owning a home – a newly built home or a repaired and improved existing home – can break the cycle of generational poverty, help low-income families achieve financial stability, and open doors and windows of opportunities that would otherwise remain closed.

We envision an Eastern Kentucky where a forever home for every family is not just a dream, whole communities thrive, and towns – made better and stronger by affordable housing – are vibrant places to live and are economically diverse.

Our Mission

Use the power of housing to transform lives and build a brighter future for our communities.

What We Do For Our Community

Developing Affordable Housing. Improving the Local Housing Market. Investing in Our Local Economy. Making Mountain Homes Better.

Creating Opportunity, Financial Stability & Self-Sufficiency.

We work with low-income families to help them improve the home they have or realize their dreams of new homeownership. Families who qualify for our program are not given homes. Instead, we work with multiple organizations at the local, state, and federal level, as well as in the private sector to help these families break down barriers and gain the financial stability they need in order to own and maintain a home.

Families in our program participate in Housing Counseling, which is completed 1-on-1 with our Housing Counselor, who advises the family on buying a home, budgeting, protecting their credit, preventing foreclosure, and other issues. As the family prepares to buy an HDA house, our Housing Counselor helps them decide what mortgage options are best for them. This service is provided as part of our Homeownership Program.

Many, if not most, of the existing homes in our area were built before 1989. These aging homes often need extensive repairs and upgrades. That’s why we offer affordable home repairs and home rehabilitations to qualifying low-income homeowners; if we can improve and preserve their existing home, it’s much better financially for them.

We believe that the way to a brighter future in Eastern Kentucky is right through the front door of a quality, affordable home. 

Our Work

Learn more about the many services we offer and all of the work we do!

Home Construction

A dream home should be available to everyone - not just the wealthy.

Let's Build Your Forever Home!

Those in need of a home work with us to design & build a house they can afford.
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Affordable Home Repairs

Your home should be safe, accessible, and energy efficient.

Rest Easier in an Improved Home!

We repair & rehab homes at a price affordable to the homeowner we serve.
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Community Redevelopment

We partner with local government to create & build more vibrant communities.

Partner With Us Today!

Let's work together to develop neglected land and improve our local economy.
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Affordable Rentals

Paying the rent shouldn't put you in financial hardship.

Renting to Reach Your Goals!

Enjoy an affordable monthly rent while chasing your goals. We also offer Section 8 apartments.
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Housing Counseling

Feel prepared to own & maintain your home with help from our counselors.

Get Ready to Own a Home!

We'll teach you what you need to know to stay in your home for years to come!
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Redbud Financial Alternatives

Don't fall victim to predatory loans - our CDFI is here to help.

A New Home Isn't Just a Dream!

Improve credit and get a fair loan that fits your budget & helps meet your life's goals!
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Hope Building Houses

Middle-income folks can purchase our affordable homes on the open market.

Building Homes & Lives

We sell affordable workforce housing built by men & women in recovery!
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Home Energy Savings

Improve the comfort of your home while saving hundreds on utility bills!

Get An Energy Assessment!

Schedule a low-cost review by our crew to help you find ways to make your home more energy efficient.
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Learn More About Fair Housing!

HDA provides Equal Housing Opportunity. Click the button below to find out more about Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

Have Questions?

Please call us at 606-436-0497.

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